I was only behind $900.00. I paid this amount and it did not go onto my account.

Then the company contacts me to state I am severely behind and I need to get into a payment plan I did not know this was called a forbearance. I was never late I paid the amount for 1 year. as soon as the payment plan term was over I received a letter stating my property will be reported as behind $3,000. how can this be my payments at the time of arrangements were $402.00 I paid over $650.00 on time for one year what can I do to keep my property.

I have 4 grand children who live with me and I do not know what I am going to do if I lose my home. I am over 55 years old with many other bills that are now all behind because of ASC. I was fine until this company took over my mortgage.

I have tried to refinance but because they are reporting my late I can not get anyone to finace me again. I need help

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